Audit Reports

TEC Report’s team of experienced vehicle engineers carry out two types of audit inspections.

Repair Audit which usually involves a vehicle being inspected unannounced. This is used to ensure repairers are carrying out work as agreed, and usually when repairs to the vehicle have been authorised by a desk top engineer.

Our vehicle engineers will examine the repair estimate and images together with the vehicle and any notes the authoring engineer has made. Any works not carried out according to the estimated agreed cost are deducted from the repair costs and shown as savings with comments and recommendations. This is then identified in a clear leakage report identifying any discrepancies found.

Experienced engineers & detailed reports

Repairer Garage Audit is a comprehensive inspection of the repairer or garage premises and service. Such inspections can be used to identify if repairers are suitable to be part of your network and gives customers an independent insight into each repairer.

TEC Group vehicle engineers closely examine equipment, facilities, vehicle types, costings, staffing levels, security, health and environmental safety compliance, vehicle maintenance compliance and relevant training programs. Providing a repairer reaches the required standard we will issue a relevant certificate. Part of the service includes bi-annual inspection to ensure that any recommendations from the previous inspection have been actioned and that required standards are being maintained.

The benefits

  • Qualified, Experienced Engineers
  • Identify Leakage
  • Detailed report
  • Recommendations
  • Identify savings & shortfalls
  • Images supplied